The Layabouts

2010-05-09 09:49:08 by SaintStudios

Hey I have a website in which I make comics with some folks. Check it out HERE!

The Layabouts

John The Amazing Webcomic

2009-08-24 08:28:20 by SaintStudios

Just an announcement that if you want to see more John check out these sites:

DeviantArt: Here!
DrunkDuck: Here!

Until next time, true believers!

John The Amazing Webcomic


2009-07-02 11:35:00 by SaintStudios

John is a comic i'm making right now over at MindStage (see my Website link), made as sort of a joke against awful MS Paint comics. It tells the story of John (normal-looking guy) and his buddy Larry (guy without body) as they adventure in the land of Earth. I'm uploading to the Art area as we speak, so if you're interested, feel free to check it out.


2009-05-10 06:00:11 by SaintStudios

It's been over a year since i've posted, and there are many reasons why. Mostly though, it's because the site doesn't auto-log me in when I visit and I can't be arsed to do it myself. I've been watching the animations of the year, and several times i've really gotten the urge to make an animation, but sadly I am without flash. I'll keep looking for a way to get it, and if anyone knows 'a way', i'd be very glad to know how. Thanks for sticking around here, Newgrounds. I'm back.

Happy New Year, Newgrounds!

2008-01-02 08:49:53 by SaintStudios

Happy New Year to all at Here's looking forward to a less crappy year!

Well, seeing as i've only come out with 1 real toon here on NG, you guys probably know nothing about me, so i'm going to give you a bit of info about me:

I started on NG in the Summer of 2005. I watched Salad Fingers, and was interested in how one person could make something that could have been on TV. I lernt about flash, and began making crappy toons. By 2006, I had created an account, under the name (groan...) of.. 'Shadowflash'. Ogf course, I was shunned on NG, and made no toons that stayed on the website. Later on, I would join the Clock Crew, under the name (groan again...) of.. 'Shadowberry Clock'. I was banned. andthught I was hopeless, until Ijoined another website called 'Porplemontage'. After being there a while, I began to drop 'Shadow' in my name, and became 'Saint', after my last name (Jack Saint is my real name). After making a semi-non-reatarded toon (Evil Deeds), I as accepted onto the site, and given a website ( See it here ). I re-signed up to NG, under the name SaintStudios, and put Evil Deeds up. SUCCESS! a toon made by me was on NG! And now here we are...

Anyway, in the pipeline for me is (in order of importance):

I Cannot Decide, a Music Video based on the song 'I Can't Decide' by the 'Scissor Sisters'.
Pac-Maniac, a parady toon of Pac-Man.
Evil Deeds Episode 2, the sequel to Evil Deeds Episode 1.
Necromancer's Journal, a movie-type toon in production.
City Of Zeroes, a parady series of the MMORPG 'City Of Heroes' (Which reminds me, if you want to meet up wih me in the game, my name is 'Sanctium' and iI dell in the 'Virtue' server)...

Well, hope you look forward to what's in store!

My Boring History (Includes gunfight)

Evil Deeds Episode 1

2007-07-20 15:17:26 by SaintStudios

Evil Deeds is here! Watch it now! Witness a TV sing! Witness Evil Deeds!

See it now!